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Tips for an active everyday life

On this page, we offer you tips and links to increase movement in your daily life.

Tips from other wellbeing organisations

Finnish Students’ Sports Federation (OLL)

OLL is a national advocacy and service organisation for student and higher education sports established in 1924. OLL’s goal is to ensure that students are exercise enough to maintain their health and wellbeing. On the For Students page, you can find information to support your wellbeing.
Finnish Student Health Service FSHS

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS

FSHS provides student health care services for university and higher education students completing a bachelor’s or master's degree. The website has plenty of information on health.

For example, you can use the FSHS guides and videos to take care of your posture and working positions.

Nyyti ry

Nyyti is a national non-profit organisation that promotes the mental health of students. Physical activity is part of taking care of mental wellbeing.

UKK Institute

The UKK Institute is a private research and expert organisation in the health and sports sector. It promotes the health and functional capacity of the population by reducing physical inactivity, physical injuries and leisure accidents and by increasing health-enhancing physical activity. On UKK Institute's website, you can familiarise yourself with the recommendations for physical activity for adults.

The website also contains plenty of material on the exercise programmes and exercise methods produced by the institute for different target and age groups.