More Than Exercise

Welcome to UniSport! Make sure life isn’t all about studies and remember to exercise as well – and take care of yourself, eat right and relax in good company! Take a moment to find out what UniSport has to offer.

What is UniSport?

UniSport is a meeting place where experiences are more important that performance. UniSport's exercise centres are located in Kluuvi, Kumpula, Meilahti, Otaniemi and Töölö. There is something for everyone at UniSport: if you are a beginner, we will guide you in getting started. If you are more experienced, we will offer you a great setting to pursue your hobbies and challenge you to try something new! We offer a wide variety of sports from Bodycombat to pilates, from floorball to flow yoga. Welcome to explore the world of both traditional sports and the latest trends! Use our services as you like and find your own way to move. We are here to take care of your wellbeing.

UniSport is more than just exercise!


UniSport ABC – Find your own way to move!

Training card

With a training card (1, 4 or 12 months), you can participate in group training and general ball sports sessions and go to the gym. The training card enables you to book group training classes and ball sports sessions, and you can go to the gym whenever you want.

Single visit

You can go to the gym or participate in group training or ball sports sessions as you go. Single visit is valid from the moment of purchase until the end of the next day. Single visit includes reservation right which is valid from the moment of purchase. One single visit entitles you to make one reservation.


You can take courses to systematically, thoroughly develop your skills in your sport or try something completely different! Through courses, you can hone your skills at pilates or running, for example, and learn dances or how to use a foam roller. There is a separate fee for courses and no need to pay through a training card.

Court and gym reservations

You can book both racquet sports courts and dance studios. For racquet sports, you can book  badminton and tennis courts. You can also book a venue for your own dance, floorball or basketball practices, for example. If you already have a team, you can make a regular weekly reservation.

Series and tournaments

Do you have a team you like to play and why not compete with? Check out our series and tournaments and sign up your team!

Club activities

Whether you are already experienced at your sport or just looking for the perfect club, check out our broad selection of club activities! It includes martial arts, ball sports and dance. Beginner’s courses start at the beginning of the autumn and spring semester. Contact your club directly and get started!

Individual and wellbeing services

You can have a gym workout programme or other exercise routine individually made for you. At UniSport, you can also take a fitness test measuring your oxygen uptake and an InBody measurement of your body composition. If you are interested in goal-oriented, individual coaching and wellbeing, our Personal Training and Life Coach services are just right for you.

What else?

Sports equipment on loan

You can borrow e.g. racquets, balls and for example baseball gear. Different centers have different selections of equipment to lend. You can find lists of the equipment online.

Price list

Read more from Prices and Payment Methods page.