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Exercise and much more

UniSport serves you at six locations: the City Centre, Kumpula, Meilahti, Otaniemi, Töölö and Viikki.

Health and safety guidelines

  • Do not come if you are ill.
  • A mask is to be worn always except during exercise.
  • Consider other participants and staff: avoid contact with others.
  • Take care of good hand hygiene. Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap.
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue, your sleeve or inside your shirt. Immediately dispose of the tissue.
  • Always clean the training equipment after use.

We continue to take more efficient care of the cleanliness of the facilities and regular clean-up tours will be done by the staff. On group exercise classes, the equipment is cleaned under the guidance of an instructor at the end of the class.

Want to ask or tell us something?

You can reach us by email at unisport.asiakaspalvelu@helsinki.fi.

You can reach our customer service by phone at 02941 22151 in accordance with the opening hours of the sports centres.

  • Reservations and cancellations only through the reservation system.
  • For feedback click here or scroll down to page footer.
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Restrictions on Services from December 4

The new COVID-19 restrictions effect UniSport's services.

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Use your exercise vouchers!

Use your expiring exercise vouchers and wellness benefits before December 31.
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