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Students and staff*

*Students and staff of Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, University of Helsinki and University of the Arts.

If you have HAKA identification, by using it to register at UniSport your discount group will show automatically. You can purchase the training card online or at any UniSport location during customer service hours with customer service desk. Please notice that there is no customer service at UniSport Töölö or Meilahti.

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Other customers

Other than students and staff of Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, University of Helsinki and University of the Arts.

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1. Register

You will need a customer ID to train at UniSport. So register either with our customer service or easily online in advance; we recommend registering in advance as it will make your experience even smoother! If you are a university student, use your HAKA login to register and you will automatically see the price of your discount group.

2. Choose the product that suits you best

With UniSport, your first session is always free! Take advantage of a free trial or buy the product that suits you best. Choose between a single visit, a 10-card or a seasonal training card, which gives you access to our gyms, group exercise and ball group games.

Our most popular product is the Training card which gives you access to training card services at all UniSport sports centres. 

Training card services Other Services For University communities

With the promotional code "freevisit" you can buy your first free one-off visit to explore UniSport's fitness centres.

Free first visit

Our other services, such as badminton courts and courses, can be purchased separately.

3. Come to the sports centre

If you come for a single or introductory visit, you will receive a code to access the gyms even when customer service is not available. On a single visit, you can only make reservations for services starting within 24 hours.

When you buy a season or 10-card, visit the sport centre where customer service is present. At the customer service desk you will receive a sports card which will allow you to move around the sports centres and stamp yourself for all services. You can find the customer service desk on site at three UniSport centres.

4. Start your exercise

Now for the real thing - getting moving! Whether it's a gym workout, one of our inspiring group exercise classes or maybe you want to join a ball game group to play?

You'll need to bring flexible workout clothes, indoor shoes, a water bottle, a sweat towel and a padlock for the changing room. You can buy your own lock from our customer service or hire one for your training session.

Please note that a booked group exercise class must be cancelled in accordance with UniSport's terms of use if you are unable to attend. We will charge a 5 euro penalty fee for uncancelled bookings. You can not arrive late for class. 


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