Badminton is a dynamic stick sport that's easy to start. As your skills improve, the game offers a variety of forms: singles games require a high level of fitness, whereas doubles games are a more technically demanding team sport.

Book a Court

To play badminton book a court for one game or for the whole season. You do not necessarily need an own racket. There are rackets for rent and balls for sale at our sport centres.

To a Course

Start a new hobby or improve your skills in badminton! We offer courses of three different skill levels;

  • Beginners Course participants will acquire basic knowledge and skills, perform stroke and movement drills, play games and go through the rules and the scoring system. The course is suitable for beginners and others interested in badminton fundamentals.
  • Intermediate Course includes game-like practices that combine strokes and movement. Some special strokes will also be practiced in addition to basic strokes. The course includes guided competition. The course is suitable for players with a bit of experience. Beginners course or an equivalent beginners' course is recommended as a prerequisite.
  • Advanced 1 Course includes game-like practices that combine strokes and movement. Special strokes and situations will be rehearsed and tactics will be covered as well. The course includes guided competition, which can be played as doubles if desired. The course is suitable for players with some experience as well as those who have a command of the basic techniques. Completion of beginners and intermediate courses or the equivalent is recommended.

Badminton in a Club?

HYSY, the University's badminton association, is open to all University students. All can join this sports club. Students are recommended to take the UniSports beginners' course before joining, however.