You will always get individual, versatile massages tailored to your needs at UniSport.

We offer a wide range of massages from comprehensive relaxation treatments to intensive muscle rub-downs and sports massage. All UniSport masseurs are certified massage therapists. Tell the massage therapist about your wishes and the possible pain spots and sore areas you may have. You can always discuss the pressure applied, the area treated, and the type and techniques of massage with the massage therapist.

Our massage therapists will also be able to give you tips for muscle care. Most of our massage therapists also offer sports massage. We use AJAS patient information system. Information is collected safely including social security number.

You can also pay with Smartum Massage benefit or with ePassi Hyvinvointisaldo and Edenred massage benefit. In Meilahti there is no customer service so the massage should be paid before.

Safe visit

In UniSport massage services, it is our practice to always maintain a high level of hygiene. This way we try to prevent the spread of any pathogens. We always clean the massage room surfaces and equipment with disinfectant before each customer.

In massage services, we carefully follow the instructions given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare: avoid handshakes, wash your hands thoroughly before and after the massage, do not touch any surfaces unnecessarily, stay home if you are not healthy, and be in place just before your appointment begins.  If you belong to a risk group, assess carefully whether you need a massage or not.

Benefits of massage


  • is an efficient form of muscle care that supports holistic well-being,
  • relaxes and opens up tense muscles,
  • improves recovery from exercise,
  • eases neck and shoulder symptoms if you do sedentary work,
  • relaxes your mind as well as
  • is suitable for everyone as it is always based on your individual situation.

We offer massage times of 45 and 60 minutes.