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Club Activities

For good company and love of the game! Club activities are part of the wide assortment we offer.

UniSports facilities host many active university sports clubs ranging from the martial arts to ball sports. Activities include beginners' courses as well as competitive play. Ask about what sports and fitness activities are available through your student organisation.

You can join the action by contacting the club of your interest directly. UniSport provides cost-free participation in club activities. (The clubs themselves may charge a modest course or membership fee.) UniSport doesn't insure participants.

University sports clubs

Martial arts

Ball sports

Other clubs

Interested in Co-operation?

Is your sports club interested in teamwork with us? Get in touch! For more information, call or write Erkki Somervuo (050 400 1874, erkki.somervuo@helsinki.fi).

Other sports and Fitness organisation

Several sports and fitness organisations operate through the Student Unions.

Click the following link for more information about activities.