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Ball sports clubs

Ball sports clubs play in different divisions and have practises. You can join the action by contacting the club of your interest directly.

American Football

Aalto Predators

Men's team Aalto Predators Aalto Predators.

Women's team Aalto Aliens



KY-Slice is a club of easy-swinging golf enthusiasts that has been encouraging business students especially to drive the dimpled ball since 1984. Every year KY-Slice organises a number of golfing events, now open to a wider range of players than ever before, including all of Aalto University as well as the University of Helsinki.

KY-Slice welcomes all who are interested in golf, from the Sunday afternoon putter to the professional. Those interested in club activities are invited to help organise our legendary annual event, which this year also promises to feature great golfing and an effortlessly good time. KY-Slice



Women's football. (Avauspotku ry)

Avauspotku, the University women's football club, is open to all women interested in the grand sport. The team plays in Division IV as Toukola Teräs in the summer and futsal in Division II in the winter. The main purpose is to keep fit and have fun. That's what carries us forward. The team includes a variety of ages and skill levels. You can get involved by coming to the indoor practices at Kumpula (October to April) or to the outdoor practices (April through September) and by asking the team coach about training times. For more information: emma.hakanen@gmail.com

FC Kissat

FC Kissat is the women's football team of the Aalto University School of Economics. University of Helsinki students and staff are also welcome to join. The idea behind our activities is to give opportunities to beginners as well as to older players to play football.

The team trains in futsal during the winter and on an outdoor field during the summer once a week. We play in the Helsinki amateur's series, as well as in several amateur tournaments in the summer and in the Helsinki circuit amateurs' futsal series in the winter. The main thing in both the amateur series and the tournaments is enjoyment and fun, which makes FC Kissat always a winning team regardless of the score. FC Kissat

KY United (mens team):

KY United is a club whose goal is to keep up the spirit and physical standards of a broad range of football culture. Our activities include weekly futsal practices and games, circuit and student series games, futsal as well as football tournaments, beach soccer, match studios, sauna evenings and even game trips abroad.

More information: united@kyweb.fi KY United



PUS Hockey:

PUS Hockey is the Polytechnic Sports Clubs (PUS) hockey section. Our team is mainly comprised of polytechnic students and alumni. We play in the Men's 3rd Division and have an outstanding team spirit. Try-outs to join the team are held every autumn. If you feel you are no longer quite as fast as Teemu Selänne was in his younger days, no problem: few of us were, either, until we got accepted to the team. Most important is the feeling of camaraderie.

For more information: eero.virmavirta@aalto.fi PUS Hockey




Aalto-Basket is the established polytechnic sports club whose team plays in the Men's 1st Division. In addition to the weekly series games, the team practices in Leppävaara twice weekly. Specific practice times and contact information are available from the Aalto-Basket website. The team gladly accepts players who can bring new experience to our practices.

Team activities also include organising and refereeing the basketball series played at Otahalli. More information about series games will be available on the UniSport website later. Series information will also be available on the club's website.

More information:




Aalto Volley

Aalto-Volley is an active student sports club that offers opportunities to play volleyball at an official series level or simply for recreation. Our practices and other activities take place in Espoo 3-5 times a week. Aalto-Volley plays men’s regional and local series in season 2021-2022. We also have a women's team. You are warmly welcomed to join our club!Contact person is Matias Peltoketo (matias.peltoketo(at)aalto.fi or Telegram @Peltoketo).


Finnish baseball


Pesäpallo, the variant of baseball that is the national sport of Finland, is a fast-paced and complex sport whose popularity is currently increasing, especially in the Helsinki region.

OtaKoppi organises pesäpallo activities for players at all levels; beginners are also welcome. Summer games are its core activity and are played from early May to mid-September. In summer pesäpallo sessions, players first work on their basic skills and then begin to play informal games. The summer practices and games are cost free, and new players are warmly invited. Game equipment is also provided at practices to anyone without it.

OtaKoppi includes competitive play. In summer the OtaKoppi men's team played a regional series, and the mixed team participated in the informal Helsinki-area fitness pesäpallo series. Pesäpallo training in the winter is also offered by OtaKoppi when possible.



Helsingin Yliopiston Pesäpalloyhdistys

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/groups/458460830902077/





Otaonnela Floorball FLOB:

The Otaonnela Floorball Club (FLOB) is a member of the Finnish Floorball Federation (SSBL) and includes Aalto University students and alumni, as well as others who are interested in chasing after whiffle balls. FLOB has one men's and one women's team, both of which play at the SSBL divisional level. If you are interested in our activities, contact the teams directly (https://flob.ayy.fi/english/), then come to a training to have a closer look. Apart from playing in the official series, you may also ask about playing in team practices only. FLOB also organizes recreational activities besides floorball for its members throughout the year.


Westend Indians:

Founded in 1992, Westend Indians is one of the largest floorball clubs in Finland and one of the biggest sports clubs in Espoo.  About 1500 Tribe members in 125 teams and groups move weekly in the Tribes black & yellow colors. The club’s activities and hobby activities are also available at Otaniemi in Otahalli, where there are several groups of current and former students of Aalto University. The Men’s Representative Team plays in the Floorball League and has been awarded the Star Club recognition for its quality.

Those interested in Westend Indians activities can find more information and suitable group here: www.westendindians.fi/liity-heimoon  



Ylämummo (Upper-net goal) is a men's floorball (‘salibandy’) club. Floorball is an excellent pastime that is good exercise and good for maintaining a competitive spirit. Our goal is to keep the sport laid-back and fun, while getting a physical workout at the same time. Activities include weekly practice sessions, and we are part of the Finnish Floorball Federation series, where we play in the Southern Finland 5th Division. Weekly practice is at Meilahti Sports Centre on Mondays, 21.00 to 22.00. We welcome all talented male floorball players who can play fair and keep a light touch. If you want to check out our game, contact henri.olavi.peltonen@gmail.com



PoRa plays informal floorball ('sähly') at Otahall on Sundays from 21.00 to 22.00. PoRa practices are suitable for men and women regardless of skill level. The purpose is to enjoy brisk, healthy exercise together. PoRa is a temperance society that seeks to encourage and maintain the ideal of sober living among Aalto University students. The society is currently in its fifth decade, as its organisational activity was instituted in 1969. PoRa



HYSY, the University's badminton association, is open to all University students. All can join this sports club. Students are recommended to take the UniSports beginners' course before joining, however.

HYSY offers its members coaching at both the beginning and competitive levels. Members also receive discounts on supplies and supply maintenance. HYSY regularly organises competitions within the club as well as the annual "HYSY Nationals", a competition sanctioned by the Badminton League. The club includes over a dozen certified competitive athletes, and HYSY regularly hosts competitions for the Badminton League or member clubs. HYSY ry



We are Finland’s most international ultimate club: ERHe! Over half of our members are foreigners and all activities are held in English. If you want to try out a team sport called ultimate, come and join our trainings. Starting from September 2019, our indoor trainings are held in Otahalli on Sundays. Follow our Facebook page or send us an e-mail to know when our next session is held.

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/ERHeUltimate/ tai sähköposti: erheultimate(at)gmail.com
Hai Minh Phan: minh.phan(at)aalto.fi
Toni Parmanen: toni.parmanen(at)aalto.fi