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Martial arts clubs

Martial arts clubs have long traditions at the university. You can join the action by contacting the club of your interest directly.


Aikido continues the martial arts tradition of samurai warriors, but with a gentler spirit. As a martial art, it is non-violent and does not involve competition. Victory is achieved through self improvement. Exercises consist of body techniques performed in pairs (throws, locks and pins) as well as weapons techniques (sword, staff and knife). The techniques aim to exploit the force of an attacker and to redirect it to resolve the conflict. Aikido is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It can be practiced and improves fitness for many years. Aikido improves overall fitness as well as balance, coordination and agility.


Seitokai is the aikido club of the University of Helsinki. You can become a member by taking a basic course, which lasts a few months and is held in the spring and autumn

Seitokai Ry - Aikido

Aalto Aikikai

Aikikai is the Aikido club of Aalto University. We train at Otaniemi in Espoo and work closely with Club Seitokai of the University of Helsinki. 

Aalto Aikikai



We study the japanese martial art of Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu, which is based on Ninja and Samurai traditions that date back a thousand years. The art combines unarmed and weapons training to develop universal principles of survival. We aim to achieve smooth natural movement, an immovable mind, and a sincere heart. We do not have competitions


Bujinkan Shinden Dojo is the largest Bujinkan dojo in the country, with training groups in over 10 locations in Finland, and a few abroad. As a Unisport-member, you are welcomed to join our Helsinki dojo (at Koskelantie 9), with Unisport-pricing! Next course will start on 10th January. You can still join the course during the few following weeks. In case you have practiced Bujinkan before, you can also join our regular weekly lessons.

The weekly training schedule can be found here: https://www.shinden.fi/helsinki. In either case, please contact shindendojohelsinki@gmail.com before joining the training.

Daitoryu Aikijujutsu

Daito-ryu has an over 1000 year history. Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu is a comprehensive martial art that aims to develop good self-defence skills and maintain the practitioner's physical and mental fitness. Daito-ryu suits all who want to learn self-defence, self-knowledge, mental agility, harmony and ¿ last but not least ¿ those who want exercise and good health.

Daito-ryu involves advanced techniques, which can be internalised through regular practice and the high quality of the personal instruction provided by our club. Every student receives individual instruction at their own level. No previous Budo experience is required.

To start Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu, come visit our introductory practice at the University Budo gym (Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 25). By watching and asking questions, you can see whether Daito-ryu is your kind of martial art. In connection with the introductory visit, you can make arrangements with the instructor about beginning practice. You can pick up an info-packet on Daito-ryu from the club.




Judo is a modern Budo sport that develops both mind and body. The basic techniques of judo include throws, hold downs, hand locks and choke holds. Judo develops all-around endurance, power, speed, and nimbleness as well as balance and agility. Judo is suitable for all ages, sizes and genders who seek a demanding (*) fitness sport. Judo is also a competitive sport and an Olympic sport.

FinnDai is a student judo club known for its fun atmosphere. The club hosts student judo competitions, organises judo courses, and hosts a friendship club tradition with the University of Marburg judo club. It also participates in the Academic Wartti run and, of course, organises parties and sauna evenings.

You can get involved by taking the beginners' course. Those with previous experience can join directly by paying the membership fee.

Finndai Ry - Judo



Honbu is a university student karate club based in the Helsinki region. Club practices include diverse elements of the Koryu uchinadi school of karate as well as other comprehensive martial arts and self-defence systems. Karate is suited to all who seek to improve their fitness level, body control and martial skills.

In addition to intensive training, club activities include camps and social evenings. Honbu organises basic karate courses once or twice per academic year. You can join just by showing up at training. Begin karate in good company!

Honbu Ry - Karate



Karate-Do Shotokai. Karate challenges the student to engage in physical and mental struggle, thus developing the ability to manage in situations requiring self-defence. Karate also improves fitness and body control. The Shotokai school emphasises fluidity of movement, use of the whole body and flexibility. The sport suits all. Basic courses are held twice a year.





Kashima-Shinryu is a traditional Japanese martial art (koryu) that was established around five centuries ago. Kashima-Shinryu practice consists mainly of working in pairs, beginning with sword techniques (kenjutsu) as well as unarmed fighting (jujutsu). After a few years acquiring the basic principles, the choice of weapons gradually expands to include small blades, projectiles and poles as well as long spears. Though the weapons techniques appear diverse, practices always come back to the basic principles and movements learned in the original sword technique classes. In principle this art suits all ages and genders. However, it demands perseverance and regular practice. Basic courses are not offered. To get involved, contact the club through the website or come to watch practices.

Kashima Shinryu




Kendo is the time-honoured art of Japanese sword-fighting with the speed and volume levels turned up high. Kendo offers a variety of training options, from the more serene kata practices to practices that use harder equipment for competitions. Kendo is a full-body form of exercise that really makes you break a sweat. You can leave your workaday stresses behind.

Through physical training, students of Kendo also strive to develop as human beings, as Kendo also improves balance and well-being. Despite its full-contact nature, the sport is very safe on account of the protective gear. The diverse exercises are suitable for all, and can be continued well into old age.

The University of Helsinki Kendo Club has trained since 1999 under the supervision of both Finnish and international teachers. Beginners' courses start in January and September. You can find out more about registration from the club's website (in Finnish).

HY Kendoseura Ry


Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo is a technically diverse Budo art that seeks to enhance the self-defence skills and physical fitness of its practitioners while also paying attention to their mental growth. The art offers both good exercise and effective self-defence techniques. It is a content-rich martial art that can be practiced for many years. We aim to make practices suitable for as many people as possible. The challenges differ according to the students¿ various levels. An essential feature of our club is maintaining a good group spirit and safe training atmosphere. Special attention is paid to keeping practices well suited to women.

You may join Shorinji Kempo basic course anytime. Please send an email in advance to hysk.mail@gmail.com.

Shorinji Kempo



Taekwondo is a dynamic Korean martial art that makes full use of the body for self-defence and offence. Its strength lies mainly in the use of the feet, legs and kicking techniques.

Taekwondo is suitable for men and women of all ages. Training develops physical qualities such as coordination, agility, mobility and overall fitness. It also improves concentration, perseverance and the self-confidence to take on various kinds of challenges.

Beginning Twaekwondo is easy: just take the University beginners' courses held at the start of the autumn and spring terms. The beginners¿ course provides the needed background for continuing in the art.

Helsingin yliopiston Taekwon-Do ry.



Taido on monipuolinen ja liikkuva kamppailulaji, jossa lyönti-, potku- ja kaatotekniikoissa hyödynnetään koko vartalon voimaa. Harjoitteluun kuuluvat myös mm. liikesarjat ja ottelu. Lajin erityispiirteenä ovat myös permantovoimistelusta tutut voltit, kuperkeikat ja kärrynpyörät. Taido on haastava ja hauska kamppailulajiharrastus, jossa voi edetä maajoukkuetasolle saakka. Taido sopii harrastukseksi kenelle tahansa ikään ja sukupuoleen katsomatta.

Yliopiston Taidossa lajia voivat harrastaa 16 vuotta täyttäneet ja vanhemmat. Toimintaan pääsee mukaan osallistumalla Taido Core -kurssille, jonka päätteeksi suoritetaan tasokoe. Kurssilla harjoitellaan mm. kehonhallintaa (kuperkeikat, kärrynpyörät ja volttien harjoittelu turvallisesti), lihaskuntoa, taidotekniikoiden perusteita (lyönnit, potkut ja kaadot) sekä taidon perusteita (asennot, liike). Core-kurssille osallistuminen ei edellytä minkäänlaisia perustaitoja tai aiempia liikuntaharrastuksia. Tarkemmat aikataulut ja yhteystiedot löytyvät seuran sivuilta.

Yliopiston Taido ry