Group Training

Weekly group exercise classes in work groups create a sense of community and are a good way to take a break. You can request classes you would like to take and influence the content of the classes.

Bring your team or community together every week! Pick the class or type of exercise based on your group's goals and wishes. We select a suitable instructor who develops the class together with you, taking into account different levels of fitness.

The exercise package may consist of several different types of exercise or progressive training in one. Don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions or ask us for ideas! UniSport's popular classes include body care, yoga, Pilates and body-weight training. For those who want to go hard, we recommend Cross Training, HIIT or Total Training classes that make you sweat and bring the heart rate up.


Personal group exercise class

Read through UniSport’s range of exercise offerings and the content of the classes. The price of the weekly group exercise class starts from €175/class (VAT 0%)


Company exercise cards

Move your staff with UniSport company cards! You can offer your staff exercise benefits in the form of UniSport traininng cards. In this way, you give your staff the freedom to exercise using the versatile offering of UniSport, regardless of time and place.

The training card allows you to take part in group exercise and shared ball sports classes and go to the gym. The training card also includes the right to book group exercise classes and ball game groups. The gym is available during opening hours.




Jenni Virta
Sales Planner