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About Group Exercise

UniSport's selection of group exercises includes nearly 30 different classes. Whether you want to exercise lightly, calmly, efficiently or hard, you will definitely find the most suitable class in our selection.

It is fun to exercise in a good crowd, and even a fast pace never seems too tough.  With a skilled and inspiring instructor you will get exactly the training you need. Our selection includes classes at all levels, whether you want to exercise lightly, calmly, efficiently or hard. To make it easy for you to find the right class, group exercise classes are divided into categories depending on their content.

It is this easy to get involved

  • You can have access to group exercise services with a training card, a 10-session punch card card or by paying for a single visit.
  • As a customer with a training card or a 10-session punch card, you can book a class 6 days before it starts. You may have 7 active bookings for group exercise classes at a time.
  • If there is room in the class, you can also participate without reservation

Good to know about UniSport's classes and booking practices

  • If you cannot participate in a class, the reservation must be cancelled no later than two (2) hours before the start of the class.
  • If the class is full, you can register for a place in the queue. Registration for a place in the queue is also binding. Follow your email or booking system to see if you have gained a place in the class. Remember to also cancel your reservation in the queue no later than two hours before the start of the class in question, if you cannot or will not attend the class. You cannot gain a place in the class from the queue when there are only two hours or less to the beginning of the class. If you do not gain a place in the class, you do not need to cancel the queue registration and no reactivation fee will be charged for an unused reservation.
  • Make sure that you log in to the correct class with the access control device.
  • Classes last 55 minutes unless otherwise stated.
  • Arrive in class on time. If you are late, you will not be able to get in for reasons of customer safety and comfort.
  • You can only bring the most essential items with you inside the hall, no training bags, outdoor clothing or shoes

Hybrid classes in Kluuvi

Some of Kluuvi's group exercise classes are live-streamed for customers training at home.  The recorded classes are marked "also online". During the class, the camera focuses solely on the instructor. However, some participants may be visible in the image through the mirror. If you want to check the online schedule, you can find it here.

Online classes

If you wish to take part in a live-streamed online class from home, read more here!