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Online Services

UniSport's online services include live-streamed online classes and videos. Online services are included in UniSport Training Cards and Online Training Cards. Classes and recordings are soon provided through the Mywellness application.

Online classes

Train at home or take part in online classes wherever you want, led by UniSport's inspiring instructors!

UniSport online classes are live-streamed group exercise classes. They are streamed from group exercise classes held at UniSport Kluuvi. We offer more than 30 hours of weekly group exercises as online classes. The programme includes a large variety of classes from yoga to Les Mills classes!

To participate in online classes, you will need a UniSport Training Card or an Online Training Card and a Mywellness account (and application). You can join the classes in the Mywellness application or from your computer through the link below.


Sometimes you just cannot make it to class, your favourite class doesn’t fit your schedule a particular week, or you suddenly have time for a workout. The training card gives you access to recorded training sessions, i.e. video-guided classes from our selection. Train anywhere, anytime!

Among the videos, you can find more than 20 guided classes led by familiar instructors: Body, Bodyweight Training, Circuit Training, Dance, Flow Yoga, HIIT, Interval Body, Iyengar Yoga, Body Care, Core Training, Easy Training, Neck and Back or Pilates. We have compiled a selection of classes and training tips for you to suit a variety of needs and moments. What's your choice today?

For these training sessions, you will need flexible clothing and appropriate footwear as well as a drinking bottle. Other necessary equipment is listed in the Mywellness description of each class. Many of the required tools are already available at home or can be easily improvised.
We do not make recordings of online classes. All of our recordings have been produced specifically for video training.

To gain access to the videos, you will need a UniSport Training Card, Online Training Card and a Mywellness account. You can view the videos in the Mywellness application or through the link below.

Mywellness app

To gain access to online classes and videos, you will need a Mywellness account. Below you will find instructions on how to get started with the application, how to use it and how to participate in classes.

If you ever encounter problems, you can contact our customer service.

Activating Your Account and Downloading the Application
  • In the UniSport customer system, go to My information.
  • Click edit.
  • Check the box titled Activate Mywellness account.
  • When you activate your Mywellness account, you will receive a verification email.
  • Your Mywellness account and application are subject to terms of service.
  • How to use the Mywellness application on your phone or tablet: download the Mywellness application from the app store. The application asks for an access code, which is unisport. You can also join the classes directly from your computer.

As a new customer, you can activate your Mywellness account when registering and filling the registration form in our service system. You can change your selection later in My information. However, you can start using the Online classes and videos (excluding Carefree Shoulders) only if you have a valid Training Card or Online Training Card.

Using the Application

Which devices can you use to view classes and recordings?

You can view live online classes on any phone or tablet that has the Mywellness application installed. You can also watch online classes on your computer through this link. You can log in from the upper right corner or by booking a class. If the class you want to join from your computer has already started, log in from the upper right corner and you'll be able to attend. For now, you need to log in again for the class you want to attend.
In the app, you can choose whether to join the class on your mobile device or to forward a streaming link to your email so that you can follow the class on your preferred device. If you cannot find the steaming link, be sure to check the spam folder!

You can watch videos on your TV at any time using the Chromecast device. You can also access the Online Training Video Library through this link or the link under videos. To view the videos, you will need a Mywellness account and user identification (the email and password you provided when you registered).

App notifications

You can control whether to receive notifications for live-streamed online classes via email or as push notifications, or to turn the notifications off, if you wish. Notification settings can be edited from your profile under Settings, Notifications, "Guided classes."

If we have to cancel a class, you will be notified of this by a push notification or an email, depending on the method you have chosen in your settings.


Your username will be visible to other participants in your online class. You can edit your username in your profile (Edit profile).

Instructions for Online Classes

Booking and cancellation of classes

Online classes can be booked six (6) days before the start of the class in question, beginning from 08.00AM. You can cancel a class at any time before it starts.

Start of class

When the instructor opens the class session, you can access a waiting room where the camera and the microphone can be held open. The instructor then begins the class at the indicated start time. The instructor will never hear you, even if you open the microphone. Please check your microphone is on mute when the class starts. Your device will still ask you to allow the application to use the camera and microphone.


The class instructions describe what equipment will be used in the class. However, you can always participate without equipment. Instructors will try to suggest alternative equipment.


The classes are held either in Finnish or in English. Language information can be found in the class instructions in the application.

Notifications of changes to classes

If we have to cancel a class, you will receive a notification of the cancellation via the application or an email, depending on what you have selected in the settings. If you have rejected all the notifications, you won't get this information.

We will update the information about the class change in the application. You will not receive a separate message about the change.

When you want to stop using Mywellness

To quit using Mywellness and to close your account

  • go to UniSport's customer system and uncheck the Mywellness account active box AND
  • remove your account from Mywellness by going to Profile, Edit profile, Delete user account.
Mywellness Inquiries
Customer service

If you need help with your Mywellness app, account, online classes or videos, please contact our customer service.

Bookings and cancellations through the app.