Courses for everybody – find your own sport!

UniSport’s courses are an excellent way to try out new sports, gain inspiration for your workouts or perhaps discover a new hobby! We organise over 100 different courses annually!

We offer a wide range of courses including dance, body care and control, ball sports, outdoor sports and overall well-being courses. The course content and length can vary depending on the course and the instructor. More information on specific courses can be found in the course description in the calendar

Our courses are open for everyone and you do not need to be an existing UniSport customer to join. You do not need prior experience, unless the course description states otherwise – so what are you waiting for! We also offer a broad range of advanced courses.

What could be the next sport you try out? Here are some of our courses:

Dynamic Stretching

Cross Training

Adult Ballet

Jazz Dance

Barbell Workout Techniques


Floor Gymnastics




Three easy steps to take part in UniSport’s courses:

1. All our courses are listed in the online calendar.

2. When you find an interesting course, click the “i” for information on the course page to get more details on the course. 

→ If you have a UniSport account you can log in and book the course straight away! If you do not have an account, you can create one and then proceed to book the course.   

3. Join the course!


UniSport’s courses – good to know:

You can come and register as a UniSport customer and reserve your place in a course at any of our customer service points.

 The course has a course fee, which depends on your customer group. The course fees for the different customer groups can be found in the course description.

Courses can be paid for online or in person at our customer service desks before the course starts.

You can enrol up to one hour (1 h) before the course starts.

You can cancel your registration for free seven days (before 10 p.m.) before the course starts. If you cancel later than the deadline, you must pay the course fee. 

You can still participate on the course, even though you cannot attend every course lesson.

Check out our broad range of courses and reserve your place here.

Hope to see you at one of our courses!