UniSports Yoga class at Meilahti


During a two-hour workshop we work on refining your technique and focus on a particular asanas more closely.

Condition the rear thighs - workshop

Come along to a workshop focussing on the rear thigh, which is designed to limber up the rear thighs and increase mobility in that area.

Stiff rear thighs and associated pain is also a common problem among people who exercise a lot. Poor suppleness can affect posture, make many movements difficult as well as causing difficulties in the pelvic area and the lower back. In this workshop you will learn about the anatomy of the rear thighs and buttocks as well as ways of stretching the muscles effectively, but safely.


Shoulder area movements - workshop

A sedentary lifestyle and working at the computer put load on the shoulder area and stiffen the thoracic spine. Almost everyone has experienced pain in the neck and shoulder area at some time. This course will give you the wherewithal to keep your shoulder area in good condition.

In the workshop concentrating on the shoulder region and chest, the focus will be on exercises consisting of stretches to improve shoulder joint and thoracic spine mobility and strengthen the shoulder blade area. During the workshop you will learn about ways in which you can improve your posture as well as open up the chest area which also makes breathing easier. 


Relax the pelvis - workshop

Come along to the workshop that focusses on the muscles in the pelvic region. The workshop is designed to limber up muscles that are tight from sitting down as well as to improve posture and well-being.

Positions that open up the pelvic area and lower back make the whole body more agile by relieving back pain for example and reducing incorrect loading on the joints. During the workshop we will talk about the anatomy of the hip joint and the lower back and we will also try out various movements which bring balance to this area and a feeling of relief. We will concentrate on asanas i.e. yoga positions, that open up the pelvic area, and we will learn ways of working on our own muscle tightness ergonomically.


Inversions workshop

Inverted yoga? This workshop, which focuses on inversions and hand balancing, will provide tips for inverted asanas and for getting better at them. The workshop’s goal is to overcome the “fear of the unknown”, which can be a major hindrance when practising asanas of this kind. The workshop will work slowly up to basic asanas, and from there, to classic inversions. We will learn more about the mechanics of inversions and the handstand. You will gain confidence for more demanding asanas in no time, and will find it easier and more comfortable to try different asanas. You will learn to stand on your hands and head against the wall – perhaps even in a free stand – and will learn to incorporate these techniques into your independent practice.