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Bodyweight Training: classes

Do you want to get stronger simply by using your own body weight? UniSport’s Bodyweight Training class does not require any equipment, as you will improve your strength by using your own body weight.

Bodyweight Training focuses on strength training exercises using only your body weight as resistance against gravity. The classes provide you with fun, new ideas for exercises, which can be incorporated into your own workouts too. In this class, you will improve your body control, coordination, strength and mobility, as well as your stabilizer muscles. The class offers a variety of exercises from beginner-friendly to more advanced movements, so all participants can choose their preferred level.

Who is it for?

Bodyweight Training is for people, who want to challenge themselves and learn new training methods. We recommend this class to people with prior sports experience looking for new challenges to add to their workouts.

How can I participate?

You can participate in Bodyweight Training through the weekly group exercise classes. Bring stretchy sports clothes, gym shoes, a sweat towel and a drinking bottle.