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Modern Dance: courses

Energy, elasticity and self-expression in UniSport’s Modern Dance course!

Modern dance is characterized by flowing, free movement, where the whole body is used. Modern dance combines different styles of modern dances. The course includes different exercises with centre-work and short choreographed segments. You will learn how to move in a fluid way and express yourself through dance.

Who is it for?

Modern dance is a suitable class for everyone. It improves body control and offers a versatile workout. For beginners we recommend the basic course and for those with prior dance background the intermediate course.

The beginners' Modern Dance course is suitable is for those who want to explore modern dance as a new hobby.  

The advanced Modern Dance course is for those who have participated in the basic course or have prior dance background.

How can I participate?

You can join the modern dance classes by signing up for UniSport’s Modern Dance courses. Bring along stretchy sports clothes and a water bottle. We recommend not using indoor shoes for this course.