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House: courses

Find your groove and feel like you’re at the club! Join UniSport’s House dance course!

House is an energetic dance style, which is has elements from several styles, such as jazz dance, salsa, afro and breakdance. House is danced to house music. During the courses you will learn more about the footwork and techniques of house while embracing the groove. You will learn basic steps and learn how to combine them. House develops agility and your sense of rhythm, while letting you have fun expressing yourself through dance.

Who is it for?

House is suitable for everyone and is a versatile dance style which develops body control and mobility. For beginners we recommend the beginners' course and for those with prior house background the intermediate course.

The beginners' house course is for those who want to explore house as a new hobby.

The intermediate house course is for those who have participated in the basic course or have prior dance background.

How can I participate?

You can join the classes by signing up for UniSport’s house courses. Bring along stretchy sports clothes, indoor training shoes and a water bottle.