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Dancehall: courses

Dancehall is a laid-back yet physical dance style which is danced to infectious rhythms! Join UniSport’s dancehall course!

Dancehall is a music and dance style from Jamaica, which has originally been developed from reggae. The dance style is physical and strong yet has a relaxed Caribbean twist. The dancehall course focuses on teaching how to use your body for this dance style. You will also learn basic techniques, such as body isolations. In addition, the course can include easy freestyle exercises.

Who is it for?

Dancehall is suitable for everyone interested in dance, especially those excited by the Caribbean chill vibes and rhythms. The course can also include practicing moves which are physically more challenging.

The beginners' dancehall course is suitable is for those who want to explore dancehall as a new hobby.  

The intermediate dancehall course is for those who have participated in the basic course or have prior dancehall background.

How can I participate?

You can join the classes by signing up for UniSport’s dancehall courses. Bring along stretchy sports clothes, indoor training shoes and a water bottle.