Welcome to Spin Fiesta 16.12!

12/12/2017 - 16:46
An indoor cycling class at UniSport Meilahti
Join Spin Fiesta for a day of fun, sweat and indoorcycling!

Welcome to Spin Fiesta the 16 December in UniSport Meilahti. Spin fiesta is an uplifting spinning event where you have chance to try different kinds of spinning classes the whole day if you want.

Spin Fiesta's schedule, Saturday 16.12.2017 (in Finnish)

11.05-12.00 Learn how to spin + Basic Spin 45

12.15-13.15 Interval Spin 55

13.25-14.55 Sweetspot Spin 90

15.05-16.05 Endurance Spin 55

16.10-17.25 FTP-test

The booking is open, book your spot here. You can participate with your training card, 10-times card or by paying a one time fee. The booking right is only for training card owners.