Spring Season Customer Feedback

27/6/2022 - 10:24
A piccture of UniSport's happy customers sitting and chating on a bench in UniSport Kluuvi's lobby.
Thank you, our good customers, for the spring season's plentiful customer feedback! Your comments and thoughts are very valuable to us in developing our operations.

We received the most feedback on our online services and the Mywellness application used to produce them and on giving up guided indoor cycling classes at the beginning of the year.

Our online service offering received a lot of praise: the services are generally perceived to be of high quality and an important part of our training card services. The feedback also brought to our attention technical problems that have occasionally affected the use of the services and challenges experienced by some customers when using the Mywellness application.

We switched to the Mywellness application for our online services because we needed an application that is appropriate for the systems we use. From the options available to us, Mywellness best met our needs and provided new features to our customers: customers who have purchased a training card are automatically able to access the services and participate in classes even without reservation. We are developing the application with the supplier, and we have also requested making the provision of weight and height information optional. These personal details are only retained by the customer, and UniSport does not collect such information about its customers.

We regularly make changes to the services we offer. Our offering is influenced by such factors as the number of visitors, the availability of instructors and other resources related to, for example, our personnel, facilities and equipment. At the turn of the year, we decided to give up guided indoor cycling classes and to only offer virtual classes. We received plenty of feedback on this from our customers. The feedback emphasised the importance of the indoor cycling instructors for our customers. Our instructors received praise for their professional skills, commitment and ability to create an all-encompassing exercise experience that inspired our customers to carry on and give their best in class. We considered the feedback and decided to reinstate the guided indoor cycling classes to UniSport's service offering from the beginning of the autumn season in both Kluuvi and Otaniemi. The classes and their content will remain the same as before. Instead, we will discontinue using the Intelligent Cycling application until further notice. 

Our other services and our instructors and masseurs have also received feedback from you. Most of it has been positive and has concerned, for example, our diverse group exercise offering, gym services and friendly and comfortable atmosphere. We always pass on all feedback we receive and use it to improve our operations.

Thank you for your feedback and have a pleasant summer!