LES MILLS™ Marathon in Porthania on Saturday, May 27!

11/5/2023 - 15:36
Welcome to spend a sweaty and fun Saturday in Porthania training on UniSport’s LES MILLS™ classes with our wonderful instructors!

On Saturday, May 27 we will launch the new LES MILLS™ releases (ie. BODYBALANCE™ 100!) and you get to try the new class of the fall: BODYJAM™!


10.50-11.50 BODYPUMP™ 125 - Jessica Suni, Liisa Laaksonen, Reka Malinen
12.00-13.00 BODYCOMBAT™ 95 - Iina Hakola, Jassi Koskimies
13.00-13.45 SH'BAM™ 51 - Kimi Holm, Mirva Kivinen, Katri Djerf
13.50-14.50 BODYJAM™ - Kimi Holm
14.55-15.55 BODYBALANCE™ 100 - Mette Veistola, Katri Djerf, Meeri Piispa, Sonetta Harjanne