Energy saving measures at UniSport

29/11/2022 - 07:49
As we know from the world situation, sustainability and responsibility goals, and the energy crisis, now is the time for everyone to do their part for a more sustainable future. We can all save energy through small everyday actions, and together we can make a difference in promoting sustainable development.

UniSport has also been actively looking for new ways to save energy and we will continue to do so. Please feel free to send us your energy saving tips by filling in the feedback form.

UniSport has made the following measurements to conserve energy in our facilities:

UniSport Kluuvi:

  • Sauna-scheduling is adjusted with no overlappings, and during weekends only one stove is on at saunas.
  • Ventilation-settings have been decreased with one degree, and the running power has also been decreased. The ventilation is always switched off whenever the center is closed.

UniSport Meilahti:

  • LED-lightings and motion detectors have been installed for ensuring a precise usage only.
  • All UniSport centers have energy efficient air-source heat pumps and ventilation boosters.

By Helsinki University’s Down by a degree! Or two?- campaign, the following actions have also been done:

  • The shower pressures have been decreased, and the timing have been shortened, wherever possible.
  • In City center, Kumpula and Töölö, the indoor temperatures have been standardized lower.

In addition to the above,

  • For the Christmas holidays, sauna opening hours have been reduced, to help households have enough electricity. For detailed information on sauna opening times per centre, click here.
  • We are prepared for power cuts and have instructed our staff on how to deal with them.

We wish all our customers an energy-efficient November!