Budo January at UniDojo on 17th of January

18/12/2017 - 13:37
MIes karateasussa
Do you feel like trying some martial art as a new hobby, but can't decide which one is the best for you? Come and try martial arts at UniDojo!

Martial art clubs are organising a demonstration and trial night at UniDojo on Wednesday, January 17th. Nine martial arts taking part in Budo January: aikido, bujinkan, daitoryu, haidong gumdo, karate (shotokai), kashima-shinryu, shorinji kempo, taekwon-do ja taido.


18.00-18.30 Demonstrations from the martial arts

  • karate (shotokai)
  • haidong gumdo
  • taekwon-do
  • daitoryu
  • shorinji kempo
  • kashima shinryu
  • aikido
  • bujinkan
  • taido

18.30-18.40 Warm up

18.40-20.00 Trial sessions

  • taido
  • bujinkan & haidong gumdo
  • aikido & karate (shotokai)
  • kashima-shinryu & shorinji kempo
  • daitoryu & taekwon-do

20.00 Small talk

The event fits for everybody, regardless of age, gender or fitness, and is completely free. Just bring a t-shirt and sweatpants.  Budojanuary means also, that you can join the trainings for free during the whole month of January.

Read more: https://www.facebook.com/events/557546811256006/