Ball Game Groups

At UniSport you can play ball sports, for example in ball games groups. Welcome to try team sports!

There are two levels of ball game groups: Casual players and Experienced players:

  • Casual players' practice sessions are for casual playing. Beginning players as well as those with a bit more experience can join in. 
  • Experienced players' practice is suitable for players with more experience

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You can have access to this service with a training card, a 10-session punch card card or by paying for a single visit in following sports centres:

 Kumpula Otaniemi 



Good to know about ball game groups

Players play independently, in good spirit and with respect for their fellow players. Participants start the game, agree on teams, finish the game on time and collect equipment at the end of the shift.

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UniSport also organises ball game courses and series activities. For those who have completed a course or have been playing for a longer period of time, there is a challenge to be found in the playing sessions and league activities.

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