Aikuisbaletti UniSport

Adult Ballet: courses

UniSport's adult ballet course is versatile training suitable for all ages, improving posture, mobility and body control.

The adult ballet course includes practicing classical ballet techniques, which help improve coordination, body control and balance. The different movements are done using a barre and with centre-work.

Who is it for?

Adult ballet is suitable for everyone regardless of age, and helps improve posture, flexibility and body control. For beginners we recommend the beginners' course, and for people with prior ballet background the intermediate course.

The beginners' adult ballet course is suitable for you if you want to dance adult ballet as a new hobby, or if you want to work on the basic techniques.   

The intermediate adult ballet course is suitable for those who have participated in the basic course or for those who have prior ballet experience.   

How can I participate?

You can join the adult ballet classes by signing up for the ballet courses. We recommend bringing soft ballet slippers or socks for this course.