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Carefree Shoulders

Physical activity closer to you! We are organizing free live stream break exercise moments. Welcome to a refreshing break! On Wednesday, 1st June, we will start to stream our free Carefree shoulders through MyWellness platform.

Welcome to have a little break with us! Carefree shoulders is a refreshing 15-minute guided workout that relieves tension and focuses specifically on the back and shoulder area.

Carefree shoulders in Autumn

Starting 2nd January 2023 free break exercise sessions via Mywellness-platform

  •  on Mondays at 12.30 
  •  on Wednesdays at 13.30 

Carefree shoulders in summer

between 1 June and 31 August 2023 free break exercise sessions via Mywellness-platform

  •  on Mondays at 12.30
  •  on Wednesdays at 12.45 (Wednesday class is not organized between 26.6.-29.7.2023)

Carefree Shoulders is suitable for everyone. Participate wherever you want! You don’t need exercise equipment or clothing.

How to start?

  • Login or create an account in the UniSport customer system here
  • As a new customer, you can activate your Mywellness account when registering and filling the registration form in our service system.
  • In the UniSport customer system, go to My information.
  • Click edit.
  • Check the box titled Activate Mywellness account.
  • When you activate your Mywellness account, you will receive a verification email.
  • Your Mywellness account and application are subject to terms of service.
  • If you want to use Mywellness on your phone or tablet, download the Mywellness application from the app store. The application asks for an access code, which is unisport.
  • You can also use Mywellness on your computer here.

How to attend?

  • You can view live online classes on any phone or tablet that has the Mywellness application installed. You can also watch online classes on your computer through this link.
  • When the instructor opens the class session, you can access a waiting room. Please check your microphone is on mute when the class starts.

Note! If you already have used UniSport's online services through Mywellness, but your training card or online card has already expired, the classes might be locked. Please contact our customer service so we can help you with this!

      Carefree Shoulders for your work community?

      Are you interested in providing a break exercise session for your work community or company staff. We also arrange Carefree Shoulders  at a time that suits you. Contact us for more information!

      Break Pro break exercise program

      The Break Pro program is available to every student and staff member at the Aalto University, University of Helsinki and Hanken. The Break Pro break exercise program is your tool for taking breaks from sitting down and working. It offers short and refreshing break exercises in many languages for example in Finnish, English and Swedish. You can schedule the program to remind you of your breaks in your own daily timetable.

      Install the software at https://breakpro.fi/lataa or from the application stores and log in to the program by entering your university e-mail address (form helsinki.fi, aalto.fi, hanken.fi or uniarts.fi).

      More information also on your university's intranet.

      Exercise with videos

      Below you will find recordings of Carefree Shoulders.

      If you have a Training Card, also remember our Online Training service. Depending on your mood or need, you can choose workouts from hearty HIIT to pampering Body Care.

      Have en enjoyable break!

      NEW: Carefree shoulders, Iina Hakola

      NEW: Carefree shoulders, Jenni Haukirauma

      NEW: Carefree shoulders, Johanna Väänänen

      NEW: Carefree shoulders, Katri Djerf

      NEW: Carefree shoulders, Marjo Lampi

      NEW: Carefree shoulders, Minna Määttä

      NEW: Carefree shoulders, Peppina Lindfors

      NEW: Carefree shoulders, Riku Saastamoinen

      Carefree Shoulders, Eeva Impiö-Loimaala

      Carefree Shoulders, Eija Karonen

      Carefree Shoulders, Hanna Autio

      Carefree Shoulders, Hanna Kosonen

      Carefree Shoulders, Helena Pasanen