A masseur massages customer's thigh

Valtteri Aulin


I am trained as a physiotherapist and I have a master's degree in physical education (sport psychology). In my studies and work, I have specialized in musculoskeletal disorders, psychological coaching, and both physical and mental well-being and rehabilitation. My massage techniques are based on classical and sports massage, which is ideal for relaxing muscles, improving mobility, promoting recovery and relieving more severe muscle tension, for example. My clients vary from young to old, from office workers to athletes.

As a massage therapist, I have been described as easy-going and easily approachable. I try to actively listen to the client's needs and to work together with them in order to find the possible causes for any musculoskeletal issues. I have especial expertise in rehabilitation, sports, and physical and mental well-being, and I strive to use all this expertise in my work.

I have a background in competitive sports in various racquet sports, and I played squash on a national level in Finland. Nowadays, my interests include all kinds of exercise and sports as well as music.