A picture of a personal trainer with a customer doing squats.

Tiina Kärki

Personal trainer (PT level1)
 UniSport´s personal trainer Tiina Kärki.




  • Authorised Personal Trainer (TrainerLab)
  • Bachelor in Sports

Physical exercise background and work experience

I have engaged in versatile physical activity since I was little. For a long time, my main interests were synchronised skating and Finnish baseball, the latter of which I played at the main league level. These sports have given me a strong basis in physical activity, which I am grateful for today.

Later, I was swept away by gym training and functional training, and nowadays I mainly do strength training at the gym. I also like jogging, walking in nature, cycling and tennis. Recently, I have also become enthusiastic about training outdoors and at home, which brings nice variation.

I have become interested in gym coaching in recent years through my own training. In my coaching, I favour diverse training with free weights and gym equipment. I also use different movement variations with kettlebells and dumbbells. I consider it particularly important to use proper techniques and body control, because they are at the heart of everything we do! I will also give you tips on how to use small exercise equipment and do training at home.

As a coach, I am positive, encouraging and easy to approach. In my coaching, I encourage you to try out new movements, because it is amazing to see people exceed themselves and succeed. However, I am careful in making sure that the movements are done using the correct techniques in order to keep the training safe. To me, the most important thing is to have a relaxed attitude towards well-being. I want to work together and find you a way of moving and training that suits you personally.

Welcome to my coaching!

Language skills



Kumpula, Meilahti, Töölö. Also others if agreed.