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Sonetta Harjanne

Personal Trainer (PT level 2)
Sonetta Harjanne UniSport Personal Trainer




  • Personal Trainer, TrainerLab
  • Gym Trainer, TrainerLab
  • Group Exercise Instructor,
  • Master of Music (Sibelius Academy / University of the Arts)
  • Musician, violin (Tampere Conservatory)

Sports background and work experience

My background in sports is diverse. As a child, I did martial arts and danced for several years an active training group. The dance styles included ballet, afro, modern, jazz and impro, for example. Closer to adulthood, my sports hobbies were largely replaced by going to the gym. Since 2010, I have worked actively as a group exercise instructor in various gyms, and I have instructed classes at UniSport since 2019. Over the years, I have instructed a wide range of sports from kettlebell classes to dance lessons and everything in between. In addition, I work a professional violinist.


As an instructor, my strengths include empathy, creativity and the capacity to commit. I’m most experienced in weight reduction, muscle mass building and conditions resulting from exhaustion. Free weight training is close to my heart and, consequently, I’m quite strict on training techniques. Playing the violin has made me accustomed to regular, persevering exercise which is also a requirement for most of my trainees’ goals. Professional musicianship is physically straining and has forced me to specialize in muscle maintenance and strengthening as well as strain prevention in the neck and shoulder area.

As an instructor, I’m realistic, relaxed and fun but also demanding. I enjoy working on diverse goals, such as toning up, running a marathon, starting physical exercise or designing various exercises for more experienced trainees. Whatever your goal, I want to see you succeed. My training philosophy is best described by the phrases “fake it till you make it” and “health first”.

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