A masseur massages customer's thigh

Rosabelle Salonen

Rosabelle Salonen UniSportin hieroja masseuse

I have studied at the Helsinki Massage Academy and graduated as a trained masseuse in January 2017.

In my work I feel that it is important to be able to help people relax and to have a thorough sense of well-being. I use classical sports massage as well as joint mobilisation techniques, if needed. For example, back pain is often linked with decreased mobility of the spine. Consequently, mobilising the spine combined with versatile massage techniques can bring considerable relief.

In addition, I specialise in the treatment of trigger points (pain points within muscles). Trigger point massage can treat muscular pain and tension efficiently and with precision. My treatment focuses on being present and listening to the customer. I always aim at applying techniques and the intensity of grips with the individual wishes and needs of the person being treated in mind. I am also happy to give instructions for self-care at home.

Advancing overall well-being and relaxation is an important theme in my personal life as well. In addition to massage, I practice and teach yoga and meditation, I enjoy walking in nature, dancing, sharing the company of friends, and the small joys of life.

You are warmly welcome for a massage!