Maija Lanteri

Personal Trainer (PT level 2)
UniSport's Personal Trainer Maija Lanteri


  • Master of Arts
  • Trainer Lab Personal Trainer

Sports background and strengths

I have graduated from Trainer Lab as an Authorised Personal Trainer and I am also a group exercise instructor. I have been an exercise instructor since 2008, first alongside my university studies and nowadays as my full-time work. I have always enjoyed exercising and have tried out different sports and forms of exercise with an open mind. Diverse movement of the body, working up a sweat and pushing oneself to new levels is quite simply a lot of fun, and it makes me feel good. I want my customers also to experience this same pleasure and joy!

I recommend diverse and uncomplicated training, with the main idea being that ‘the best training is the one that gets done’. A training session can be a circuit training done in one’s own living room using one’s own body weight, basic strength training in the gym, a jog along forest paths in the fading light, or even exercises done in the playground while the children are playing nearby. In a short space of time, you can get an effective training done, as long as you do the right things with the right technique. Even short sessions, when carried out regularly, add up over a whole week to a good amount of exercise and plenty of feelgood activity. My goal is that training with me is fun and safe and promotes good health.

I am a mother of three small children, so exercising while pregnant, recovering after giving birth, and training as part of daily life with children are all topics that are very close to my heart. I know how having a well-functioning, strong body and engaging in rewarding exercise really pays off in having energy and strength for everyday life. I want to live a good life and share this goodness with others!