Enjoy outdoors and stay responsible

2/4/2020 - 06:45
Ulkoilu kuva
Enjoy the fresh air, exercise in the forest, run or walk slowly and notice all details of nature. Whatever way you prefer to explore Finnish outdoors, make sure it is safe for yourself and for other people around you.

Now that we need to stay indoors nearly 24/7, the most refreshing thing to do is to get some fresh air. The pros of enjoying nature are obvious. Going outside refreshes both body and mind and helps lowering stress levels. Soaking in daylight and paying attention to nature makes us more focused and less restless.

The current situation we are living in makes us question about the responsible ways to enjoy nature. Where can I go, who can I go with with and most of all how to make sure everyone stays safe? We collected some tips to make sure you can enjoy nature and stay responsible:

  • Find nature close to your home or if going further, avoid public transport. Most popular nature spots tend to get crowded especially on weekends, so avoid them and find alternative forests and parks preferably close to home.
  • Go by yourself or with someone living in the same household. Physical contacts should be avoided outdoors as well.
  • Keep physical distance to other people, minimum two meters.
  • Avoid touching rails and other similar surfaces. If you want to exercise while outdoors, prefer using stones and trees for bodyweight training rather than common exercise spots for hygienic reasons.
  • Look for alternative spots to take a break as everyone is using the official ones and hygiene is impossible to maintain.
  • Clean after yourself. Use your own tissues and bring your own bin bag.
  • Remember to charge your phone beforehand. If going by yourself, let someone know where you are heading and when they can expect you to come back.
  • Dress according to the weather. April in Finland can be freezing, so layering clothes will protect you from the cold and rain.
  • If you are not well or are recovering from illness, don´t go out. Stay in and rest.
  • Always check the official regulations, in current situation they can change quickly.
  • Enjoy!