Gym Etiquette - A pleasant workout for all

UniSport gyms have an etiquette that every customer should follow to ensure smooth and comfortable training for everyone.
  • Keep your outwear, outdoor shoes and bags in the dressing room.
  • For your own equipment you can bring a small 'gymsack' to the gym.
  • Use a towel and clean gym shoes or socks when you are training at the gym.
  • Train safely. Do not throw or drop equipment or weights.
  • Return the weights and equipment you use back to their correct places.
  • Clean equipment after use.
  • After you finish, clean up, including sweat, chalk and trash.
  • Give space for instructed groups and free up the training spot between sets.
  • Remember that socializing and smiling increase well-being.
  • Inform customer service of any faulty or broken equipment.

Have a safe and fun workout!