Find the courage to express yourself through physical activity

Exercising is an important part of many people's daily life as it helps to maintain both physical fitness and mental well-being – not to mention that it makes you feel good and brings you joy. Although exercising and finding fulfilment in sports may be easy for some, it can be challenging for many others, causing anxiety and insecurity.

However, the right to enjoy the benefits of exercising belongs to all of us. Therefore, through the following perspectives, we want to help everyone find the courage to enjoy exercising in their own way and to find fulfilment in sports.

Insecurity is only natural

It's perfectly natural to feel insecure when trying out new things.

You might have thoughts such as “Am I capable of following the choreography at the dance class?”, “Are the others questioning my gym program and techniques?” or “I hope I'm not the weakest link in the basketball court.”

It’s likely that many others, especially those trying out a new sport, have similar thoughts. Realising that you are not the only one could in itself help with the insecurity. You can also take comfort from the fact that the insecurity will fade as you gain experience in the sport.

Expectations and goals matter

Insecurity and the lack of courage may also result from unrealistic and too high expectations.

High expectations and being your own worst critic are likely to only paralyse and eat up courage instead of inspiring.

In these situations, you can find the courage by revisiting your expectations and by setting realistic goals that you feel good about. Even before you start, you can think about what it is about exercising that makes you feel joy and good about yourself. Setting small and personal milestones can also be beneficial, as they give you the courage to enjoy the journey while you are still gaining experience, skills and courage.

Support and courage from a training buddy

Exercising is similar to other aspects of life in that you don’t have to do it alone.

You can always take a friend with you as you embark on new sporting experiences. You can also meet new people at the gym, group exercise classes or ball games and build the courage to try new sports together. And best of all, you can rely on and encourage one another.

If you feel like you need support from someone who is really familiar with exercising, you should also think about getting a personal trainer. With the help of a PT, you don't need to know anything about exercising in advance, which is wonderfully reassuring. Trying out new forms of exercise, succeeding in training and making progress under the leadership of a PT will also build self-confidence and courage.

Get excited and throw yourself into sports

Sports really doesn't have to be serious, and sometimes courage can be found in avoiding over-thinking.

At its best, throwing yourself into sports can take you on a journey and make you forget everything else. It can help you say ‘no’ to insecurity and the reasons behind it and just enjoy the moment.Getting into such a state of flow, throwing yourself into sports and not taking it too seriously are often the best ways to experience the feelings of joy and pleasure in exercising. And the feelings of joy and pleasure are exactly what make exercising and thus self-fulfilment worth the plunge!


Text: Jenni Uuras
Well-being writer