5 Tips for Gym Beginners

You may feel understandably nervous entering the gym, especially if it’s been a long time since your previous visit or training at the gym is a completely new hobby for you. UniSport’s Sports Planner and instructor Jassi Koskimies gives her five top tips for starting gym training

Tip 1: Start off easy

Before any weight training or using gym equipment, it is important to prepare your body for the workout. A good warm-up includes for example, using an elliptical trainer or exercise bike for 10 minutes. The aim of the warm-up is to increase your heart rate, activate your cardiovascular system and warm up your muscles for training.  

When you start strength training, start with light weights to get your muscles and nervous system used to weight training safely. An easy way to start strength training is by using gym machines. You can move on to free weights, when you feel comfortable and safe with using the gym equipment. In gym training, the most important thing is using the correct techniques. Feel free to ask any member of staff to help you with training techniques, to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly.   

Tip 2: Time your first gym training sessions when there is a member of staff present  

As previously mentioned, the key element in gym training is using the right techniques. To ensure that you have the correct techniques, it is good to take advantage of UniSport’s qualified staff. UniSport offers weekly free gym guidance and consultation services at all locations, which are there to help you improve your training techniques and methods. The free guidance and consultation times can be found in the calendar.

Tip 3: Join the easy-going Gym Start course

If you are a beginner at gym training, we recommend joining our Gym Start course, where you will learn the basic methods for gym training and how to use gym equipment. During the course you will go through a basic full-body workout programme. The workout programme will be easy to continue independently after the course.  You can find the Gym Start courses in the calendar.

Tip 4: Boost your training by getting a Personal Trainer or joining a Personal Training Group

Nowadays it is common to hire a Personal Trainer to help you reach your goals and improve your techniques.  A Personal Trainer can help you get the most out of your workout and gives valuable training advice for the future. Most importantly a Personal Trainer will guide you with the right techniques to make your training as efficient as possible.  In 2019 UniSport will offer a service called PT Demo – a training session instructed by a UniSport Personal Trainer, which lets you experience what it is like to train with a coach. The session includes a short interview, which helps the trainer construct a warm-up and an effective training session just for you. Find out more about UniSport’s Personal Training services here.

Tip 5: Be brave and try out the gym!

In the end, the most important thing is that you start moving and try out gym training. Remember that everyone at the gym has been a beginner at some point, so be brave and enter the gym, even if it might feel a little scary at first!