Otahallin kuntosali

UniSport Otaniemi

UniSport wishes you welcome to Otahalli, which is located in the heart of Otaniemi campus! Gym, versatile exercise rooms, comprehensive selection of ball sports and group training as well as massage and personal training services improve you well-being suitable way.

Gym facilities are situated in two floors. The upper gym floor has also room for functional training and free weight training. Our personal trainers help you towards your goals. Massage is a great way to relax after your workout!

Theres a wide selection of group training classes as well as courses and ball sports.

The facilities in Otaniemi are available for rent during day and evening time. Multipurpose hall  is available for rent for 1-2 day events during weekends.

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Multi-purpose hall 3 480 m2

For rent
multi-purpose hall in Otaniemi
Multi-purpose hall in Otahalli
Multi-purpose hall in Otahalli

This spacious and versatile hall has the finest sports equipment, is well connected to public transportation, and can serve equally well as a venue for sporting events and dinner parties. The space has hosted sporting competitions, sport fairs and camps, but also a range of student parties. The space can be divided into four sectors using curtains. Organise a new kind of teambuilding or occupational wellbeing day in Otaniemi!


  • a 170-metre running track
  • track and field equipment: long jump, pole vault, high jump, shot put, javelin throw, discus throw, hurdles
  • three floorball rinks (close to regulation)
  • two tennis courts
  • eight badminton courts
  • two volleyball courts
  • two futsal courts

In addition, the hall can be used to play ultimate frisbee and cricket.

Sauna and meeting room

For rent
Otahallin kabinetti
Otahallin sauna

The Otaniemi sauna and meeting room is the perfect venue for both leisure and meetings for groups of up to 20. Your session can include a booking for the ball court or an instructor-led session at the versatile sports facilities of Otahalli.

In Otaniemi, you can take the long way around: first a meeting, then a friendly ball game or other form of vigorous or relaxing exercise and finally a sauna. The sauna and meeting room are in a separate facility, ensuring privacy.

You can also book the rooms separately. This facility can be rented during the day or evening.


  • a projector
  • a screen and a flip chart
  • a coffee maker and kettle
  • a microwave
  • a refrigerator with a freezer compartment

Aalto excersice room 180 m2

For rent
Aalto room in Otahalli is suitable for example for group training and yoga
Aalto room in Otahalli
Aalto room in Otahalli is suitable for example for group training and yoga

This spacious mirrored room, flooded with natural light from the skylights is a perfect room for larger events. The space is recommended for approximately 30 people.


  • dumbbells
  • step boards
  • kettlebells
  • exercise mats
  • BodyPump barbells and weights
  • music equipment and a microphone

Aava exercise hall 94m2

For rent
Aava musiikkiliikuntasalin sisäkuva
Aava Room in Otahalli is suitable for yoga, pilates etc.
Aava room in Otahalli is suitable for example for yoga and pilates etc

Aava is a stylish and calming mirrored room, particularly suited for restorative and meditative exercise and for training. The space is recommended for approximately 20-25 people.


  • music equipment and a microphone
  • infrared lamps
  • exercise mats
  • yoga blocks and yoga balls


Tyyni yoga room 60m2

For rent
Exercise room in Otahalli for yoga and functional training
room for exerice in otahalli

Bathed in natural light, the rough brick-walled 60-square-meter Tyyni room is perfect for yoga, streching etc. We particularly recommend this room for different kind of meetings and photographers looking for a studio space. The space is recommended for approximately 15-20 people.


  • exercise mats
  • yoga blocks and yoga balls

Stretching room

Exercise hall Laine at UniSport Otaniemi

Stretching room is suitable for stretching, body care and body weight training.


  • wall bars
  • fitballs
  • exercise mats
  • small equipments