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Personal Training Small Group

Personal Training Small Group combines the best of group and individual training.

What is Personal Training Small Group?

We provide Personal Training services for groups in a course format.

  • PT Group is group training with an instructor.
  • There are courses both for beginners and for more experienced fitness-buffs.
  • The duration of the course varies from one session to several months.
  • The course instructors are our Personal Trainers and sports instructors.

Training in a group is more motivating than working out on your own. In a group you are committed to training together with the others, which makes the training session even more efficient. During a group training session you usually hardly notice that you are training. The other group members give you strength and time flies. The ideal size of the group allows the instructor to pay attention to individual differences and needs. Under the guidance of the instructor, you can polish your technique to benefit more from your training.

Unless otherwise mentioned these courses are instructed in Finnish.

Personal Training Small Group courses

  • Gym Start, Exploring Equipment
  • Tehokiinteytys ('Toning Up')
  • Terve selkä ('Healthy back')

All the courses are held in Finnish.

Terve selkä

Terve selkä small group training includes:

  • Nine 1 h group sessions with a Personal Trainer
  • Two training programmes aimed to increase the well-being of the back and neck
  • A versatile training plan to help you reach your goals
  • One nutritional coaching session
  • A body composition measurement and group feedback
  • A comprehensive written general course package

With Terveselkä small group training:

  • You will learn which exercises are important for your back’s well-being and help maintain it.
  • You will learn the right techniques for the most important training moves that help you reach your goals.
  • You will find a suitable and safe way to improve your well-being with gym training and body care.

You will challenge yourself more with the help of a trainer and group!