A picture of a personal trainer with a customer doing squats.

Jake Mattila

Personal Trainer (PT level 2)
Jarkko Mattila UniSport Personal Trainer




  • Personal Trainer
  • Fustra Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition and physique coach
  • Wellness coach
  • Sport nutrition coach

Background and work experience

I have worked as a full-time professional in the field of sports since 2011. I have nearly 20 years’ experience in gym training. I have also competed in fitness in the Men's Physique division. Nutrition and physical coaching have always been near to my heart, and in the latest years, I have focused on helping clients in a comprehensive way in these areas. My specialty is correcting posture, improving mobility and using these tools to achieve a pain-free everyday life. I have coached small groups, rehabilitees and professional athletes. My goal is for my clients to achieve a good posture and a pain-free body that can withstand static and dynamic stress well.


Finnish, English




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