UniSportin ryhmäliikuntaohjaaja asettelee mikrofonia

Online Training

Train online with familiar instructors from UniSport! With the Training card, you have access to 24 video-guided workouts from our diverse selection of classes. Work out anywhere, anytime! Depending on your mood or need, you can choose workouts from hearty HIIT to pampering Body Care.

Our Training card services will expand when, as of August, you have an access to video-guided trainings as a Training card customer.

In the video library you will find 24 guided workouts with familiar instructors: Body, Bodyweight Training, Circuit Training, Dance, Flow Yoga, HIIT, IntervalBody, Iyengar Yoga, Body Care, Core Training, Easy Training, Neck & Back or Pilates. What is your choice today?

For these workouts, you need flexible clothing and suitable footwear, as well as a drinking bottle. Other necessary equipment you can see from the description of each class. Many equipment can already be found at home or you can easily replace them.

It’s not always possible to go, the schedule of a favorite class doesn’t fit this week, or surprisingly, there´s just a perfect time for a workout – right now!

Clear some space around you and start the video. Train with us at home, at the cottage, on a trip, on vacation, in the middle of a workday, anywhere, anytime!

How to use the service

Log in to our webshop. You will see the training videos icon on the front page and in My account.

  • under Video libraries, you will find the link and the password
  • click the link and
  • enter the password provided to the box.

Please note that videos are only included in the Training card.