Jose Giannini

Personal Trainer (PT-taso 1)
UniSportin Personal Trainer Jose Giannini


Trainer4You Personal Trainer, 2 years of Physical Education in Brazil (UEL) State University
of Londrina.

Exercise background and work experience

I have quite broad sports background as an athlete. I have done for example judo, basketball, swimming, volleyball and table tennis. I competed in a national level in Brazil in all of them. As a kid, I was very active, doing three different sports at the same day and I believe that is what put me in the fitness and wellness world. Nowadays I mostly work out at the gym side and have been doing that for approximately 10 years now. Back in Brazil I was a gym instructor at my university and I'm now very excited to bring my knowledge to UniSport.


I'm a very calm and easy going guy, but I can definitely push you to the limits (if that's what you want) and help you reach your goals. I prefer free weight training and bodybuilding, but I love every kind of activities and find amazing what the body is capable of doing.

I go to gym 5-7 times a week and also do some cardio whenever I find time for it. My own workout goal is to build muscle with quality and healthy eating habits are part of that. No brain, no gain.

Language of instruction

English, Portuguese. I also understand a little bit of Finnish and Spanish.