People at Yoga class in UniSport Meilahti

Flow Yoga: classes

Find the flow through UniSport Flow Yoga! In this class you will flow from one asana to the next to the rhythm of your breathing.

Flow Yoga is a flowing form of yoga that develops mobility, balance and body control. The exercises practised during the classes warm and open up the body and relax the mind. In Flow Yoga, breathing is deepened and your metabolism activates. You move from one asana (yoga movement) to the next without taking a break, and the breathing and movement flow without interruptions.

Flow Yoga combines the best parts of different yoga styles, and the exact content varies depending on the instructor. The class involves exercises that strengthen the body and increase mobility. The class may also involve short breathing exercises.

Who is it for?

Flow Yoga classes are most suitable for those that already know the basics of yoga asanas. Each class progresses in a flowing style, so it is good for example if the sun greeting series is already familiar to you. The class may also involve strength-building exercises.

How can I participate?

You can participate in Flow Yoga through the weekly group exercise classes.

If possible, you should bring your own yoga mat with you. A yoga mat allows you to exercise safely and efficiently, and is also hygienically a more pleasant option. If you like, you may also use an exercise mat available on-site.

In addition to the mat, you will need stretchy and warm clothes. We will be exercising without shoes. You can bring a drinking bottle if desired.