indoor cycling room at UniSport Kluuvi

Spin Virtual

We also offer virtual classes to fit your own time schedule. In the UniSport Spin Virtual classes, you can decide whether you want to cycle through pleasant surroundings or have the instructor on the screen motivating you to keep going.

Indoor cycling virtual classes can be booked via the group training calendar. In addition to the classes listed in the calendar, you can also come for a virtual class at any time when there is not a guided class taking place in the indoor cycling gym.

We have on offer two kinds of MyRide virtual classes. In STUDIO classes, you are guided by a coach on the screen. In TOUR classes, on the other hand, you are riding through beautiful scenery. You can choose to take either a 30, 45 or 50 minute cycling session.

Both the 30 minute and the 45–50 minute classes are full workouts that include a warm-up and post-exercise flexing. At times, the intensity of the class is high and in the red intensity zone.  Of course, you can always pedal at your own pace. The 30-minute virtual classes are high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, in which your performance is maximised in a short time.

Who is it for?

Spin Virtual classes are suitable for all. You can choose the type of class which suits you best.

How can I participate?

UniSport offers indoor cycling virtual classes in Kluuvi and Otaniemi. The classes listed in the calendar start automatically. When the indoor cycling room is free, you can start a virtual class yourself. The available times can be viewed in the calendar by selecting Courts and Gyms.

Remember to wipe the bike clean after the class with paper and cleaning agents.

You will need to bring with you stretchy sports clothes, cycling shoes or other hard sole gym shoes, and a drinking bottle. A sweat towel is obligatory.