Nainen juoksee puistossa

Running: classes

Enjoy the thrill of running through guided instruction. UniSport offers group exercise classes for running.

Running is an efficient form of exercise, developing the respiratory tract and the circulatory organs as well as strengthening the lower limb muscles. Regular running strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation and reinforces the bones due to the vibration caused by running. In addition to the physical effects on your health, studies indicate that running has an effect on your mind. It helps you manage stress and also improves your mood and develops your memory. At UniSport, the running classes take place outside, so remember to bring outdoor clothing!

Who is it for?

The Running Fitness group exercise class is suitable for different levels of fitness, but is best for those that are already regular runners. The class includes a running warm-up, a technique section for improving running efficiency and preventing running injuries, an approximately 20-minute interval session, a muscle training section and some post-exercise flexing. The content of the interval section varies and can be adjusted to suit the level of the participants. The running training group exercise class is normally held from early spring until late autumn.


How can I participate?

You can do running at UniSport through the weekly group exercise classes.

Bring along outdoor clothing, running shoes and a drinking bottle. It is also worth bringing a notebook to the lecture sessions of the courses.