A piture of a young man doing push ups on the living room floor.

Live stream classes

Now you can train at home or wherever you want with live broadcasts and our inspiring instructors

Attend our classes at home! While our centres are closed, you as a Training card or 10-visit card customer, have an opportunity to exercise with us with livestream classes from the beginning of December.

We offer 5-7 classes of group exercise every day streamed live to where you are. You can choose from yoga, pilates, Strength and endurance classes, and body care, among others.

1.-6.12. we offered a trial period and the classes were available for familiarization. If you register for classes on or after December 7, we will keep your card valid normally. If you have not registered for streamed classes on December 7 - January 31, we will extend your card by the time corresponding to the period our centres are closed.

How to join the class

Register for a class in our booking system. You can register until one hour before the start of each class.

  1. A Zoom-link will be sent to you by email before the class starts. Please check your trash can!
  2. Click on the link, a new tab opens.
  3. If you have the Zoom app downloaded onto your computer, the page will ask you to “Open Zoom Meetings”. If you are using your browser, press “Launch Meeting”.
  4. Fill in Meeting ID and passcode.
  5. A new window opens up saying “Please wait for the host to start the meeting”. You will get in when the instructor starts the class.