Intelligent Cycling Spin Intensive

Spin Intensive

Would you like an effective indoor cycling workout without excessive strain on your body? Come to UniSport Spin Intensive class and increase your speed endurance!

Spin Intensive offers a brisk speed-endurance indoor cycling class. The class may consist of either long speed-endurance intervals or exercise with a more consistent level of intensity. Cycling postures, speeds and loads vary during the class. 

Who is it for?

Spin Intensive is suitable for those that have prior experience of indoor cycling and exercising in general. The class is also suitable as a workout for those with high fitness levels.

How can I participate?

You can do indoor cycling in the weekly group exercise classes in Kluuvi and Otaniemi.

You will need to bring with you stretchy sports clothes, cycling shoes or other hard sole gym shoes, and a drinking bottle. A sweat towel is obligatory.