Intelligent Cycling Spin Heavy

Spin Heavy

Are you after a strenuous workout? The Spin Heavy indoor cycling class enables you to make the most of your workouts with intense interval bursts!

Spin Heavy is a strenuous interval class for increasing your maximum endurance through alternating exertion and recovery periods. After the initial warm-up, the class involves a variety of interval workouts which vary according to the instructor leading the class. The class ends with a thorough recovery session. Part of the class includes cycling in the maximum endurance range. 

Who is it for?

Spin Heavy is most suitable for active exercise enthusiasts who have some prior experience with indoor cycling. It is not recommended as a beginner's first class.

How can I participate?

You can do indoor cycling in the weekly group exercise classes in Kluuvi and Otaniemi.

You will need to bring with you stretchy sports clothes, cycling shoes or other hard sole gym shoes, and a drinking bottle. A sweat towel is obligatory.