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Dynamic Stretching: courses

Are you in search of more mobility? The dynamic mobility exercises used on the UniSport Dynamic Stretching course will allow you to use the entire capacity of your body!

Dynamic Stretching is not the same as the traditional idea of stretching, but instead, as the name implies, it involves working actively to simultaneously improve mobility, coordination and strength. The exercises practised on the course are based on the latest knowledge about training mobility and the operations of muscle membranes. Dynamic Stretching has indeed superseded many of the traditional mobility exercises of athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Using the knowledge obtained on the course, you can continue active stretching in your own time.

Who is it for?

Dynamic Stretching is suitable for all that are seeking greater mobility, regardless of their current level.

How can I participate?

You can participate by taking the UniSport Dynamic Stretching course. Bring stretchy sports clothes and a drinking bottle. The course also involves exercises that are done barefoot.