Hieroja hieroo asiakkaan pohkeita.

Body Care: classes

Body Care is important for both goal-oriented exercise enthusiasts as well as those with desk jobs. In the UniSport Body Care classes, you get restorative exercise, mobility and coordination all in one package.

The Body Care class helps you to recover from periods of high exertion, increase your mobility and flexibility and improve your body control. The class consists of different mobility exercises, such as dynamic and static stretches, and involves activating the core muscles. Different equipment can be used to aid body maintenance in the classes.

Who is it for?

Body Care is suitable for everyone! The professionally skilled instructor is able to offer just the right range of movements that are suited to you.

How can I participate?

You can participate in the weekly Body Care group exercise classes. Bring stretchy sports clothes and a drinking bottle. You will not need footwear for the classes.