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Do you want to learn to defy gravity and move around nimbly in the urban landscape? Then come along to the UniSport parkour course! On the course you will learn the basic techniques through professional instruction provided both indoors and outdoors.

Parkour is an urban sport in which participants seek to move as smoothly as possible from one place to another in an urban environment. On the course you will get to climb and jump around, making use of the different structures in the surrounding environment.

The course provides professional instruction through which parkour is made both safe and at the same time fun and exciting. During the course, you will become acquainted with the basic parkour techniques and will deepen your parkour knowledge and skills. The course is partly held indoors, where different parkour-related exercises and tricks are practised.

Who is it for?

The parkour course is suitable for those who want to learn to move around boldly and freely without fear of obstacles. Both beginners and the more experienced can take part in the course.

How can I participate?

You can participate by joining the UniSport parkour course. Depending on the class in question, you will need either outdoor or indoor exercise clothes and a drinking bottle. The instructor for the course will let you know beforehand what equipment you will need for each of the classes.