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Tennis: courses

Sharpen your skills in a Tennis course!


We offer four different skill levels of tennis courses for you to develop or learn a new racket sport. The previous course level will give a good foundation for the next level. You will not need your own racket. You can test different rackets during the course.


Beginners' course participants work on basic techniques, focusing on aiming to hit and play the ball and develop their individual skills. This course suits beginners and others with an interest in the basics of tennis. Teaching takes place in no larger than six-person groups.


This course reviews the basic techniques and focuses on developing individuals' skills. The course is for players with a bit of experience. Beginners course or an equivalent beginners' course is a recommended prerequisite. Teaching takes place in six-person groups.


In the advanced level courses teaching takes place in groups of four.

Advanced 1 course reviews basic techniques and includes technique drills in game-like practices. The course is suitable for players with some experience and those who have a command of the basic techniques. Completion of beginners and intermediate courses or the equivalent is recommended.

Advanced 2 course concentrates mostly on matchplay, and practises are mostly created playing the point. Suitable for players with good basic and advanced skills who are able to construct and execute their own game plan.